Pioneer Gardening in Toronto

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Plant a mid-Victorian garden!

If you’re in search of some old heritage fruits and vegetables for your garden, this book is for you.

Pioneer Gardening in Toronto gives you the names of the roses, dahlias,and phlox that were grown back in the 1850’s and ’60’s.

George Leslie advertised in Toronto in 1869 that he had the largest Nurseries in the British Empire, occupying over 150 acres. One of the early members of Toronto’s Horticulture Society, George Leslie provided planting material for market gardeners and gentry alike: from fruit trees to bedding plants, thorny hedges to greenhouse grapes, he provided Torontonians and southern Ontarians with plants for sustenance and delight.

For the first time since Victorian times, here is his gardening advice for planting fruit trees, grapes, roses and phlox, and compiled lists of over 1000 trees and plants he sold (he carried over 100 apple varieties, 88 pear varieties, and 120 different roses). This information has been compiled from two catalogues, dated 1853 and 1860.

This book provides modern Ontario sources for some of these heritage varieties, where the author has been able to find them, as well as links to websites providing information about heritage apples and other notes.

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