A little bit about Albert Edkins

A note from George Graham:

Hello, just thought I’d write and give you a bit more info about one of the people listed on this page: Albert Edkins.

(Here’s a bit more info about him: http://www.hazeltine.freeserve.co.uk/surnames/f_23.htm#9)

He was my great-grandfather.

My maternal grandmother, Mildred Alice Edkins, was born the year after the Edkins family moved from 88 Caroline to Brooklyn Avenue. I can’t recall the number on Brooklyn, but the house is still there, ten houses or less north of Queen on the West side. It’s easy to spot because you’ll see a rather large home and a tiny house right beside each other, with the large home north of the tiny one. At one time the property the small house sits on was part of the adjacent property. In other words….it was the yard where my grandmother played as a kid.

They sold the lot sometime in the 40s or 50s, I think. They sold the house only when Albert Edkins’ widow, my great-grandmother, died in 1961.

Anyway, Albert Edkins did quite well for himself post-Caroline, eventually obtaining a professional designation as a mechanical engineer. If you take a drive over to Jones Avenue and visit St. Clement’s Riverdale Anglican Church, you’ll see that what is arguably the most beautiful stained-glass window in the church (near the altar on the south side) is dedicated to his memory.

He served the church as Lay Reader and Treasurer until his death in 1942. In 1914 he helped to raise the money to build it. Sadly the stained-glass window is now largely obscured by a huge pipe organ.

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