Chocolate truffles

There are a few pieces I still have on my list of things that I want on my portfolio page. Chocolate truffles is one of those things. I researched pictures online, and wanted to do something that felt more like what I want to do – something that captures the sense of celebration that goes with having a really good truffle, even if it isn’t a special occasion.

The set had a number of elements in it that were only there for reflections and shadows.


Two lights in softboxes (just the modelling lights for my Sky Eagle flashes), three small cosmetic mirrors poking light in dark spots, gold foil wrapping paper, artificial tin ceiling tile, bottles filled with some lapsang souchong tea (nice amber tones) plus a bottle and some glasses from a Venetian set. Just for a few reflections. I ended up not using the silver lid in front, and switched to a red cardboard box. The two little name-card holders are stand-ins for the chocolates.

I tried two different lenses: a 70-200mm zoom, and my food workhorse, my 50mm macro. I ended up choosing a picture I took with the macro lens, because I didn’t like the compression and angle I used with the zoom.

Here is my picture.



I did some post work in Photoshop to clean up smudges, creases, fingerprints, crumbs and air bubbles on the chocolates.

Now I want to paint my walls a neutral gray instead of the deep avocado colour they are.

My Caviar and Sturgeon Feast

If you follow my blog, you’ll know that I first met Dr. Cornel Ceapa at the Delicious Food Show two years ago, and that, although Chef Deborah Reid and I didn’t get to go on an expense-paid trip to Saint John, NB, to visit and experience all great things related to Acadian Sturgeon and Caviar, we did get a thank-you for entering, which was a whole bunch of caviar and sturgeon products to enjoy, which I photographed here.


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Photo shoot: Jonny Blonde food truck

Back in early May, I went to Burlington to photograph the food that Jonny Blonde was putting together for his food truck. Jonny delights in using local product whenever possible, and sources his meats in the rich farming lands around Hamilton and Burlington. I did not know that the area mills more dry mustard than anywhere else in the world!

He launched his food truck this past weekend, so I’m publicizing my pictures that I took of some of the food that he’ll provide at catered events or on his truck.

I took lots of lighting equipment with me to Burlington, but ended up mostly using natural light coming through the door, sometimes augmented with a bounced flash, mostly with reflectors and mirrors for fill lighting.

Chicken skewers


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Barbecue season has arrived at last!

I was sitting on my back deck, thinking about how much later spring is this year than last (last year was probably record-book early). My elderberry hasn’t started to leaf out, most bird species haven’t started arriving, and my daffs have only just begun to open.

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Terroir 2013

I had the good fortune of photographing Terroir 2013 a week ago Monday. I heard about the opportunity through a tweet from Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance, who I interned with in the fall.

Smaller versions of my photos are online on Flickr.

So far, I’ve received ¬†photo credits in the Buffalo News, The Montreal Gazette, and images will be showing up in a number of online blogs and newsletters.

Well, that’s that, then.

It’s been a week of finishing things off.

I completed my internship at the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance this week with a couple of items that will get published over their Christmas break.

I also finished The Business of Photography at George Brown College. It was an enjoyable course that gave me lots of material, and I’ll be using some of the products of the course to hit the ground running in January.

Until then, however, I’ve got to get my home ready for Christmas, since my sister’s flying in and my parents are driving from Nova Scotia.

If I don’t get a chance to blog before next year, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Tomorrow begins a new page…

Tomorrow morning, I’ll begin a four month internship at the¬†Ontario Culinary Tourism Association¬†as their Communications Intern. I’m excited, because I love buying Ontario products, and the whole idea of Ontario being a culinary destination (kind of like Tuscany) delights me.

I’m looking forward to being a part of making their plans a reality, writing and photographing food in Ontario — on the hoof, in the field, at the market, and on the plate.

I’m also planning to use this opportunity to market my skills, develop relationships with food producers and restaurants and chefs, and get my food photography business moving ahead. That will also be helped by the Business of Photography course I’ll be taking at George Brown College this fall.

Wish me luck success.