Looking forward to the Delicious Food Show 2013

It’s next weekend at the Better Living Centre, 25-27th of October. (more info)

Three things interest me when I’m at a food show: photogenic food, a great story, and things that taste awesome (not necessarily in that order).

Two of my favourite Canadian chefs, Michael Smith and Lynn Crawford, will be at the Food Network Celebrity Kitchen on Saturday. They champion creating real food, and use local food extensively (if not exclusively). Chef Michael’s just before the lunch hour, and Chef Lynn is just after it.

Some of the exhibitors on the floor I want to talk with include Barque Smokehouse, who are based in Roncesvalles village. I’m also looking forward to the booths of:

  • Berbician Foods, who look like they have a delicious range of salamis and sausages.
  • C is for Clean looks to have some promising natural-ingredient cleaners.
  • Kobe Classic Beef — I’ve never tasted beef from Wagyu cattle. Maybe this will finally be my opportunity!

Hmm, looks like I’m really looking forward to some meat! Hope to see you there next weekend.



The Garlic Box at The Delicious Food Show

It should come as no surprise that I’m a big fan of garlic! One of the booths at the show was The Garlic Box, which has some glorious cloves of Music garlic at $1.00 each:

Garlic Box #6

 Music garlic doesn’t play an instrument — it’s called that because Music was the last name of the farmer who developed it. It grows very well in Ontario. The garlic used by The Garlic Box is Ontario product.

Now — not all garlic heads look perfect to sell as full heads. What do you do with the rest of them? How about pickles, sauces, and spreads? The Garlic Box has a wide variety. One I couldn’t resist is pickled scapes and cloves.

Garlic cloves & scapes

 I was curious about how they create this combination, since they are harvested at different times. They put the scapes in brine until the cloves are harvested, and then create a layered pickle — scapes on the bottom, cloves on the top.

They have an interesting idea for a Bloody Caesar:

Garlic Box #4

And lots more products.

Garlic Box #3

 Dressings, beans and such.

Garlic Box #2

And dried garlic products, too.