Welcome to my website, where you’ll find words and images about food, gardening, and photography. I have fun with many other topics, and share them from time to time—for example, a little bit of Leslieville history, updates on my gardens, and what some of the other Pat Andersons are up to.

I’ve created a separate site for commercial photography over at PatAndersonPhotography.ca. Visit me there to browse through my portfolio of images.

My photos are for sale, either as prints on canvas or on manufactured goods. Contact me if you would like to buy a print.

I’ve completed the Food and Product Photography and Business of Photography courses at George Brown College, and am offering introductory pricing for commercial products. Contact me.

My eBook on the Toronto Nurseries, Pioneer Gardening in Toronto: the trees, plants and Lore of George Leslie, is now available.

About Pat Anderson

I am a communicator:

Through pictures and words, I get your message across.

  • 30 years writing, editing, illustrating and indexing.
  • 20 years photographing and digital editing.
  • 15 years managing people and processes.
  • I have an Honours BA in English, and honed my critical writing skills through teaching assistantships in Essay Writing and graduate-level coursework in English literature and linguistics.
  • 25 years of progressive positions in start-ups and matrixed large corporations means I can work with your team.

I offer expertise and focus on the following areas:

  • Urban nature
  • Gardening in urban spaces
  • Field-to-table food, locavorism, dining in Toronto
  • Software publications (using XML editors, Framemaker, Webworks Publisher, Word, InDesign, Acrobat, Doc-o-matic, or Comic Life 2)

I am now available for consultation and contracts. Contact me.

Recent Posts

This is what makes me sad

There’s so much information out there on the internet, shared, freely given; and then there are pieces that go around and around and around.

I saw a beautiful photograph today of a Bohemian Waxwing with berries. It was from one of those aggregator sites. I went looking for the original, so I could add a credit to the image that is being passed around (I do that sometimes).

This image has been shared so often that I can’t even identify the owner. Here’s the search.

I know a few of my images are out there (and on wallpaper sites in languages I haven’t been able to decypher and find contact info to request a take down).

Why do we think the work of photographers should be freely disseminated? And without even giving credit to the incredible work they have done?

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