Another delicious birthday feast

The start of March, the start of a new year for me.

After sparking wine and ceviche over at Sandy’s (darn, I knew I forgot to take some pictures) we headed off in a taxi… I was kept in the dark until we pulled up to Rock Lobster on Ossington, just north of Queen. I clap my hands with glee – I’ve wanted to eat here for a while, but it’s <whine>such a long streetcar ride from home</whine>. Never mind that: we’re here now.

We open the door – the place is rocking! quite full, they’ve got a table in the back we can have (which is great, because the music volume was a little lower there). I like the tunes they were playing all night: mix of 60s-70s-80s pop and rock.


First thing we had to do was order some drinks — it sounded like the best thing to get was the Lobster Caesar, so we had a round of those. Not a little drink! Large enough to carry most of the meal, actually. Tasty, good spicing in it but not enough to override the clamato, nice rim, and hey, having a lobster tail to dip into one’s Caesar is A Good Thing.


We all gave our input on what to eat for the night, and shared a range of dishes that really satisfied. First up, we all ordered lobster tacos. Great way to start the evening – they’re appetizer size and really got us primed for more lobster. Matched well with the Caesars, too!

Now, we were at the start of yet-another-Toronto-snowstorm that evening, and I had been craving some comfort food, like macaroni and cheese. Gosh darn, Lobster Mac & Cheese was on the menu.  We ordered that, and out came a splendid skillet of it for us to share.


Lovely crispy topping, good hunks of lobster in a rich cheese sauce with elbow macaroni.

Next, we went raw. Four carnivores, and one perfect cylinder of steak tartare crowned with lobster, served with freshly made potato chips. I never thought of steak tartare and potato chips together – it’s a little like Marilyn Monroe’s experience eating potato chips with champagne in The Seven Year Itch! A combination of highbrow and lowbrow.


They work well together – eat the tartare on a chip and enjoy rich, melt-in-your-mouth tartare paired with crispness and potato taste.


The next dish to our table was also scrumptious – seared scallops mounted with lobster and pea sprouts, served on a coarse purée of peas and mint.


Absolutely delicious. I have to give you a close-up.


But enough with all of this light fare! It was now time to get into some Serious Eating. Are you ready for Lobster Poutine? We were.


Over-the-top delicious – fries, lobster, squeaky curds, and gravy. Very decadent.

Our ultimate dish is the dish that has made Rock Lobster famous in Toronto: their lobster roll, also served with their home-made potato chips. The bun was perfectly crisped and buttered, the lobster flavourful and firm, and just the right amount of mayonnaise was mixed with the lobster to hold it together.


OMG. We’re all full.
I realize I haven’t taken a photo of my glass of wine (and it’s now mostly gone). Gail fills my glass from hers. Stemless pinot grigio.



We exit onto Ossington, discover that we’re in the middle of a storm now, and head down to Queen, and grab the Queen car home, to go home and have deep sea dreams of lobster.

Many thanks to Sandy, Betty, and Gail for another memorable birthday dinner.

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