The harvest continues into September

In August, I had to yank my lettuce, because it had bolted.

I’m still harvesting food. Kale will continue until frost or beyond, I believe.┬áThe basil needs to come out of the ground before it gets too cold, and then it will be pesto making time.


I don’t think I’m going to get sizeable eggplants! This one’s still about thumb-size.


All the potato plants died back, so I harvested potatoes. Most were fine, but there were one or two per plant that were icky. Some were very soft and watery — some had completely disintegrated into an oozy liquid. One was rotten from the inside. I need to investigate what causes these two issues, and in all likelihood, not plant potatoes next year, at least not in the same spot.


I expect I’ll still have ripening San Marzano tomatoes until the end of the month.


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5 thoughts on “The harvest continues into September

  1. Hey, happy to help. My goal is for you to have enough potatoes in your garden next year to make Michael Smith’s potato bacon cheddar tart :-p

  2. After talking with Brent Preston at The New Farm up in Creemore yesterday, it seems that the single rotted potato I was finding in each bunch was — ta-da! — the original potato that got planted. Brent described the full range of icky, rotted, oozy messes that I was finding in the bottom of the hole when I dug up a potato plant.

    Looks like I don’t have to worry about something that will kill off all my nightshades. I’ll still practice crop rotation, as much as I can, in my 20’x20′ garden.

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