Harvesting in mid-August

I went to my allotment garden this morning to harvest and water. I knew that my garlic was ready to be harvested, but wasn’t sure how everything else was progressing (especially since I hadn’t been there in a week, and we hadn’t any rain).

Things… are progressing. I’m sure they’d flourish more if I visited more frequently and watered more. But they’re doing OK.

One of my spicy globe basils has flowers – I’m taking this as a sign to start harvesting, and to strip this one plant of its flowers.


The rest of my basil (standard Genovese) I’ve begun harvesting, and have nipped flowers as quickly as I can. Beside it is the red leaf lettuce, which is bolting.


My cherry bomb peppers are slowly approaching ripeness, but still feel quite hard to the touch (and I think their colour could deepen somewhat). Next trip, maybe. They’re still very firmly attached to the plant. And woe betide any animal that chomps on these!

I did grab this little cucumber, though. Kinda bomb shaped, but looked like it was big enough to eat. How do you tell? I’ve never grown cukes before.


I also left the sole yellow squash that is growing. Definitely very small for harvest, about 3″ long right now.


What all did I get today?

  • Garlic (over 40 bulbs; I didn’t count. I did wreck some with the shovel. Oops)
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Basil


Time to hit a cheese shop for some fior di latte or buffalo mozz, I think. Plus I’ll have to use some of today’s harvest together with last night’s leftover chicken for dinner for Tony and I before he heads off to Italy tomorrow!

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