Dinner on my deck

Sometimes I do cook for myself! Shocking, isn’t it?

Tonight’s dinner required a fair amount of preparation and thought. I wanted to have grits. They have to soak. So I put them on this morning. I decided that the meat I’d have for dinner would be some short ribs I got at Witteveen’s when I hit the St. Lawrence Market yesterday. They needed to have some kind of a yummy marinade, so I used a sauce that Oliver and Melissa gave me last year (I hadn’t opened it yet!) and diluted it with a little Johnny Walker Red, and put the short ribs in a container to marinate for the day.

Come dinner time, I had to figure out cooking times and cooking order. Longest would definitely be the artichoke: it takes a while for the large globes to steam.

I thought the grits would take a while, and that the shortest time requirement would be the meat. I *almost* had it right. The grits only took about 10 minutes once I added them to boiling coconut milk. Fortunately, they’re an item that can go on low, and sit for a while. I heated the barbecue up for a half-hour, then added my short ribs.

Here’s how dinner turned out.


I had half a can of Rickard’s Shandy left from after my long bike ride on Thursday, and thought it would be a good complement to dinner. It was.

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