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It’s (almost) summer, and I love Mediterranean food in the summer. I’ve reverted to having hummus for breakfast (home made, of course). Today for lunch I finally went to Tabule, which opened a little while ago where the Riverside Cafe had its first home, on Queen Street East, just west of Degrassi.

Lunch time… I thought I might get one of their interesting Caesar’s to drink (hmm, harissa in a Caesar! Why not?); alas, out of clamato juice. So I had a beer instead:


They have a selection of beers on tap; I confess, yes, I chose a boring one. But it was relatively light, and I was going on a bike ride after lunch.

Speaking of lunch, it was delicious. I had two items. The first to arrive was the falafel salad.


Lovely little falafel balls, two bites each. Crunchy on the outside, moist and fluffy inside, with the right amount of spicing. You could still taste the chickpeas (sometimes they get overwhelmed by spices). Served with a simple salad of lettuce, some shreds of purple onion, cucumber, and a few pieces of tomato (oh, I can hardly wait for tomato season). While I was eating my falafel salad, the hot Meze I ordered came:


That’s kubbeh/kibbe/kibbeh… many ways to spell it. It’s ground and spiced lamb and pine nuts inside a bulghur wheat casing, fried either in a deep fryer or a frying pan. Some tasty yogourt on the side. I enjoyed it very much: the lamb had good flavour to it (some lamb seems to be almost tasteless), and I liked coming across the pine nuts. The yogourt sauce gave something nice and creamy to go with.

I’ll be back!

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