The allotment garden, almost mid-June

I went down to the allotment to weed and put my last few veggies in. Some more tomatoes (these ones are called rainbow, and it looks like they mature into a range of colours, which would be pretty on a plate), some hot cherry peppers, and green and yellow zucchini.

I was probably there for about 3 hours. I also harvested some lettuce (I’ll take a picture of my harvest tomorrow in daylight: the storm was coming in and it was too dark outside to shoot, and I was too bagged to set up some proper lighting). Did lots of weeding – I could always tell when it was mint or dill that was coming up, because there are lots of those volunteering in my garden.

Today I thought I’d show you the flowers in my vegetable garden. They’re around two of the edges that abut with other people’s gardens, so they’re not in the way, and — well, they add colour.

Lupins are going crazy in the allotment gardens. They self-seed very well, and I think they cross-breed, too, because the range of colours is very pretty.

Cross-breeding lupins
And these are more of the traditional ones. I also have some that are purple and white.

Classic purple lupins

Speaking of purple, I had fully opened chive flowers today. They came home for food purposes. I may try drying some of them.

Chive flower

And my favourite, today, is my herbaceous peony. My neighbour gave it to me last year. You see, he had just bought a house, and figured he wasn’t going to have the time to come tend to the flower (and some veggies) that he planted in his garden. He had lots of peonies and a range of lupin colours as well, and it all harmonized very nicely. He took most of his peonies with him when he left, but gave me one. I love the colour, and the fragrance is really nice, too. I may have to try splitting it this fall and bring a section to my house.

A gift from a neighbour
And here’s a final shot for today — one of my neighbours’ gardens. This one is completely devoted to flowers.

Neighbour's garden

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