This is what shrimp should taste like

I’ve grown tired and suspicious of the enormous shrimp we get from Asia. Not much flavour, environmentally destructive a lot of the time, and contaminated with who knows what some of the time.

Well yesterday Hooked posted that they’d be getting some GaspĂ© shrimp in today, and that thet would be sweet and wonderful. How could I resist?

I biked over this afternoon and bought a pound.

Initially I had elaborate plans: shelling them, making a broth from their heads and shells, then a risotto using that as a base, sautéeing the shrimp, serving with asparagus.

I got them home, and ate one raw. It was so sweet and flavourful and SHRIMPY that I couldn’t imagine doing something complicated with them.


I followed the suggestions on Hooked’s Facebook page, and blanched them, then ate them with some melted butter. They were delicious. The tails were sweet and tender and tasted like shrimp, and many of them had small grey and white eggs packed along their legs, which tasted similar to sea urchin. From weighing the leftover heads and shells, I guess I ate almost 7 oz of shrimp meat, so there’s more bang for your buck with them than with lobster or crab.

Because I hadn’t sucked on the heads or gnawed on the shells, I felt free to use them for another dish, so I roasted them at 500F in a single layer on a baking sheet for about 4 minutes, and they’re now starting to simmer in a pot of water on the stove.

Perhaps I’ll have risotto tomorrow.

If you haven’t had Canadian shrimp, please try them — I think you’ll love what you experience!

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