Barbecue season has arrived at last!

I was sitting on my back deck, thinking about how much later spring is this year than last (last year was probably record-book early). My elderberry hasn’t started to leaf out, most bird species haven’t started arriving, and my daffs have only just begun to open.

That being as it may, today was warm. Not as warm in Leslieville as at the airport measuring centre, but it did get just over 17C here this afternoon (the lake has a moderating effect on temperatures).

Yesterday, when I shopped at the St. Lawrence Market, I picked up a small steak at Witteveen’s. Tonight was the perfect night to grill it.

It was also the perfect night to eat outdoors. No birds to watch (other than the sparrows, and one golden-crowned kinglet) but it was lovely to have the first steak and salad outdoors of the season.

Steak from Witteveen’s, Cookstown greens from Rowe Farms in Leslieville, and parsley from Phil’s at the St. Lawrence Market. I got the pecans a couple of months ago from the Bulk Barn up on Laird Street — they keep well if you store them in the ‘fridge.

Barbecue season!

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