Today felt like spring

I look back through my blog, and see that my King Alfred daffodils were in bloom by this time last year. Not this year! But I did start to do garden clean-up today, so they have a tidy space to come up in.

It was about 12C by 2pm, and I went to Hooked and enjoyed a few buck-a-shuck oysters. Absolutely delicious.

There were two from New Brunswick: St-Simon, and Caraquets. Loved these:


One BC variety – smaller, rich.

BC Oyster

Also delicious.

While eating oysters, I spoke with Dan Donovan about octopus — he’s selling it ready-to-go, already initially cooked so it’s tender, ready for flavourings and a quick jump onto the barbecue or whatever your favorite cooking device is for octopus. He gets them from the west coast — they were an accidental catch initially, but he talked the fishermen into saving them instead of just plopping them into the ocean.

He’s developed quite a market for them here in Toronto (makes sense with all the cultures we have that have enjoyed octopus for centuries). Last year he sold over 5000 pounds of them.

I’m going to have to get some some day. My favorite preparation of them was done by Massimo Bruno: he bundled the tentacles together and prepared them, and then, after it was cold, created thin carpaccio-like slices through the bundle. It looked like a mosaic, it tasted divine, and was very tender.

I came home with two mackerel fillets and some smoked molasses cured steelhead, and put them into the fridge.

Spent a couple of hours raking, weeding, and pruning in the sunshine, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Then to the kitchen, pulled the mackerel out of the fridge and took the fish basket off its hook. Lit up the barbecue (it was up to 15 on my back deck — I was out there without a jacket!  The sun was getting lower in the sky, so the image is contrasty (yes, I *could have* hung my diffusion panel if I thought of it!).

Barbecued mackerel fillets

The mackerel was sweet and succulent — skin perfectly crisped, if I say so myself. The fish at Hooked really are a cut above.

Hope your dinner is tasty!

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