86d Again!

Once again this year, I entered the food photography contest that Ivy Knight runs over at the Drake Hotel. This was the third year for the contest, open to professionals and amateurs alike.

It was my third year entering, and this year, I made it to the select group of finalists in the Food category with this image:

Food, Asparagus Salad

I was also a finalist in one other category.

Here they are:


People,TorGarlic Festival

Reicza’s Rocambole: This enterprising young garlic farmer was selling her garlic at Toronto’s 2nd Garlic Festival. She rented land from her Dad, a farmer, and enlisted her friends to help with weeding and gardening.

People, Chef Thomas Heitz

Chef Thomas Heitz of Port Restaurant. He’s wonderful talking with people about his food: I had a great time what he does at both the OCTA Summit and the Chowder Chow-down. And these sandwiches he was making? KILLER. Pulled pork, pesto, and pickled fennel, which blew my socks off.


Places, SosnickiOrganics

Sosnicki’s Organic Vegetables. Visited their farm as part of a tour by The Big Carrot. I hope there are more tours this year. Got to learn from organic vegetable & dairy farmers. Best way is to visit, see what they’re doing. And then buy from them, and learn what markets they sell their food at. This is the other image of mine that ended up as a finalist.

Places, OnionPatch

I helped Susan with her garden. These are some of her awesome walking onions. They were just about ready to get heavy enough to fall over and plant their new bulblets.

Places, ChowderChowdown

Chowder chow-down. Beautiful chowders of chef Stacey Blois of University of Western Ontario.


Food, Tower of Caprese

The tower of Caprese. Inspired by a 6-layer vertical Caprese salad from Italy. But yah, I took it further.

Food, Rainier Cherries

Rainier cherries. HDR image merge of three different shutter lengths to capture the berries and the bowl.

Food, Masala Paisley

Masala Paisley. Image I composed by arranging spices with a palette knife and tweezers. No coffee allowed.


Drinks, LocalCocktails

Photo from OCTA’s summit, and the cocktails for the guests before the cocktail showdown.

Drinks, Christmas

Photo I shot for the last article in the 12 Wines of Local series on OCTA’s website. Mid-December, and I was on my back porch with my photo box, smoked glass, Ontario sparking wine, and props. I think it was about 12C.



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