Introducing Richard Parker

Yes, I’ve named him after the tiger in Yann Martel’s The Life of Pi (and the movie, too).

No, he doesn’t have any orange tones: he’s pretty much an 8-bit kitty, except for the eyes (and those will probably start changing colour in a couple of weeks).

Richard Parker was born two streets away from here; his owner heard me talking with someone else about how I was looking for a young kitten to be company for Nutmeg. He passed me his business card, and told me that his kittens were 2-1/2 weeks old, at the time. I visited. Two beautiful tabby kittens (both male). Which one did I want? So hard to choose.

Saturday morning I went over with my cat carrier to pick one out. One was braver and all over the place. I chose the one who seemed a little shy and timid. Well, he’s come out of his shell in the last 24 hours, and if he’s awake, he’s talking (even while he’s eating food). Although they had done no training in the house, all I had to do was sit him in the kitty litter, and he instantly knew what it was for. I put him on the cardboard scratching piece (it looks sort of like a fish) and he instantly started scratching.

Still working on teaching him his name. Here’s Richard. He had been sleeping on my left arm, and I carried him over to the fake fur throw and gently put him down so I could take a photo. He woke up. He has (so far) a tendency to put his hind legs together and point his toes when he’s doing his wake-up stretch:

Richard Parker

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