Lack of measurable rain

Last evening on Twitter, it seemed that half of the people I follow in Toronto were talking about the ’86d competition for Toronto’s Hottest Chef, and the other half were focussed on the sky: would we get rain, or would we be bypassed yet again? I took a quick panorama using my iPod of the sky: we had overlapping layers moving at different speeds:

Clouds but not rain

Alas, a friend sent me a link to the WeatherUnderground map that showed rain pretty much everywhere but the old city.

I could no longer put it off. I had to go water my veggie garden this morning. Good thing I went. Lack of rain does not mean lack of weeds: they’re highly drought-tolerant. I did not photograph my shame of weeds! The zucchini, shoshi, and bolting mesclun mix were almost lost among them. I spent a good hour weeding, and could spend a couple more. I think I’m going to get some straw to lay down as a mulch where I’m not growing things to impede the growth of more weeds. As I weed an area, I’ll lay down mulch.

Here’s how some things looked today. I only took pictures of things that looked significantly different from last post. That means no pictures of zucchini, chard, plum tomatoes, or eggplants: they look like they’re in stasis.

First, my cherry tomatoes — Sweet Millions are beginning to ripen. Ripening will progress down the bunch, so it will be a matter of picking before the top one is too ripe and the bottom one isn’t ripe enough. Or just picking the ripe ones off instead of grabbing the whole bunch.

Sweet Millions getting sweeter

The sweet red pepper is definitely getting larger. I’m not seeing signs of any siblings for it yet.

Sweet red pepper

The Portuguese hot pepper is getting twistier and longer!

Portuguese hot pepper

I did manage to harvest a few things: some basil (it needed the tops lopped off, and I needed some fresh basil for today’s Caprese salad for lunch). And a handful of yellow beans that I’ll eat for dinner. I have a variety of squash that I got at the Leslieville farmers market on Sunday, so I may sautée up a mass of squash & beans and put them together with some pasta for dinner.


About 4 of the yellow beans had been munched from the bottom to about halfway up. I suspect it may have been the bunnies I’ve seen down there. I broke them off the vine, and scattered them around the plant. Maybe they’ll come back for them, now that they’re at ground level.

How’s your garden growing?

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