Are we abandoning flavour for sweetness?

I ate a couple of ears of corn, roasted on the barbecue, for dinner tonight. They were much sweeter than the corn I had a couple of weeks ago from T&T. They put me in mind of other very sweet foods that have been developed over the last 10 years

  • apples
  • cherry tomatoes (now see: pear tomatoes, teardrop tomatoes, etc.)
  • beets

I don’t know what else.

But the corn I ate tonight was sweet, very sweet. It had almost no other flavour than sweetness. I remember when peaches & cream corn was a novelty, how sweet it was compared to what we were used to. Now it’s hard to find corn that tastes… like corn. What are we breeding?

I’ll ask the same thing about little bitty tomatoes. We’re breeding them sweeter and less red. What are we losing when we choose sweet? Are there fewer lycopenes? Carotenoids? Is anyone paying any attention?

Are we abandoning all taste sensation other than sweetness? Is this a result (or simply something that goes along with) all the sweeteners that have been added to everything?

Hullo, are we losing the benefits of these foods?

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