One more weeding session left…

Went out there this morning, about 8:15. Started working where I left off, and got rid of as much of the dogwood as I could. Couldn’t pull it out — I think its roots go to Hades. While chatting with one of my neighbours, I commented that I’m thinking of getting rid of the wooden frames. They’re just on top of the earth, and the soil level’s no higher in them than outside of them, and weeds freely travel from one side to another. They serve as markers, nothing else.

He asked me how much I wanted for one of them — I told him he could just take it. He went back, did some weeding in his garden, and returned a little later with a proposal that he’d do some clearing for me if he could have one.

Hellya. He cleaned out (and then turned the soil) on the left-most of the three frames, and then I helped him carry it to his garden and we put it in place. It was great having the help. He found a few small potatoes, which I’ve replanted in the long skinny box, which is where I’ve also planted the cucumber plants I got yesterday from another neighbour. Oh — and a rhubarb was half under the frame, so it might come to life now that it’s been released.

Almost done.

You can see why midday is a terrible time to take pictures of a garden, especially if it’s full sunshine. The light’s really contrasty, and everything looks pretty dry.

One more session and I’ll have it all weeded out. I might do it this evening (I left my garden claw there), and I need to take a hose so I can water. The soil’s really dry, which makes it harder to weed.  So if I weed dry, then water, tomorrow I should be able to take a rake and make sure I’ve really got things cleaned out, and can start planting.

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