Must weed before planting

I have my allotment garden. It needs to be weeded. After procrastinating (well, not really: was just busy with other things, like creating Pat Anderson Photography) I went to the intersection of Leslie and Unwin this morning and started weeding with my Garden Claw.

I love my Garden Claw. I have loved it for years. I will love it until it wears out or breaks, and will then buy another one.

Here’s what my garden looked like when I arrived.

Before starting

After doing some initial clean-up (stacked the chairs, removed the flagstone path, stacked all the tomato cages), I spent three hours weeding, and got about 40% of the job done.

40% done

I must go back tomorrow morning and finish the job — I’ll get out there earlier than I did today (it was probably 9:30 by the time I got there). That will give me more time before the sun starts heating things up.

One thing that has to go tomorrow will need some work removing:

Flowering Red Osier Dogwood

Cornus stolonifera. This one’s a Red osier dogwood. Pretty, yes. Also pretty invasive. I’ve been running into stolons of the main plant already, so it has to go. Anybody want a red osier dogwood? Speak now…

While I was out there, I met one of my gardening neighbours, Bill. Bill had some extra cucumber plants, so I put them in a shady spot today, and will plant them in the morning. I know they need plenty of space, so will put them away from where I plan to grow tomatoes, basil, peppers, lettuce greens and birdhouse gourds.

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