12 days later, early spring continues

Sunday — I couldn’t hold back any longer. Many of my neighbours have already cleaned up their gardens, and it was so beautiful I felt I had to be out there, collecting dead leaves, ripping up dead alyssum, trimming the roses a bit (didn’t do the full-on pruning yet: it’s still too early for that).

We’re definitely about 3 weeks ahead of where we usually are. Usually at this time, I’m hauling a big block of ice out of my backyard water thingie for the birds. This year, there was no ice. Daffodils and yellow things: another sign. In 2006, my King Alfreds opened around April 24th. My previous mention of an early spring that surprised me was April 5, 2010, when I noticed the forsythia in Ray’s yard in bloom. My King Alfreds are all open, and the forsythia has started opening: Ray thinks it will be in full bloom for his mother’s 103rd birthday on the weekend.

As a kind of diary to record what’s going on, here are some pictures of various shrubs and bulbs in my gardens from Sunday. Today was cold, tomorrow’s supposed to be, too: let’s hope nothing dies back. Actually, I’m more concerned with food growers than my little garden.

King Albert daffs

King Alfred daffodils

David Austin

New shoot on David Austin’s “the Faerie” florabunda rose

Honeysuckle vine

Honeysuckle vine that twines around the wrought iron fence surrounding the garden


In the back garden, the elderberry called “Sutherland Gold”


Clematis. Good lord, the Jackmanii clematis is out already. I remember growing up in Montreal, and it seemed Art Drysdale was always on about how difficult it was to grow clematis. But that was Montreal, and this is now.

Lilac leaves

Lilac is coming into leaf, too.


Globe alliums are really mature already. They usually bloom first week of June. We’ll see this year.

Hans Christian Anderson florabunda

Hans Christian Andersen florabunda in the back garden.

We’re a couple of weeks ahead of my earliest spring. We’ll see what happens this year. I’ll keep taking pictures.

Oh — and I’ve applied (and gotten onto the waiting list) for an allotment garden at the base of Leslie Street again. We’ll see if I get it. Usually, one only finds out in June, and there’s a fair bit of weeding to do. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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