Planet Creations at the Delicious Food Show

Products made of wood, when they’re well made, make you want to touch them, caress them, feel the warmth of the material. I certainly felt that way at the¬†Planet Creations¬†booth. The first thing I saw was this beautiful table with storage space.

Janet Howarth invited me to touch it.

Wood table

It was beautiful, warm, smooth, rounded edges, couldn’t feel any of the wood joins. It felt like it was all of a piece.

They do a beautiful job creating furnishings and cutting boards (Janet’s daughter is in charge of sanding). All of the boards and cutting surfaces are made of end-grain wood, which lasts much longer than other cuts, and they have book-matched the cuts, creating beautiful patterns. The woods used are walnut and maple.

Chopping blocks

They’re finished with food-friendly oils, and should last for a long long time. Yep, I bought one!

They come for lots of shows in Toronto, so you’ll probably see them around. Their workshop is in Rigaud, Quebec.

Oh — and that beautiful table in the first picture? It had been sold when I went back to the booth 3 hours later!



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