Chef Challet and interesting things at the Delicious Food Show

Chef Challet is demonstrating the use and versatility of cocoa butter that has been reduced to a particle size. He recommends using it instead of the standard fats we use to cook foods in the kitchen. It has a high flash point: 200C. What’s different about it?

Mycryo. Amazing.

You don’t put it in the frying pan to melt, come up to temperature, and then add the food to be cooked. You ┬ásprinkle it on the raw food (or coat the food, like you would with bread crumbs) and then put the food directly in the frying pan. It sears, it preserves flavour, it reduces cooking time, and is cholesterol free.

Mushrooms sauteed in Mycryo

Sounds interesting, and these mushrooms tasted very good.

Tasty they are.

Chef Challet is coming to Leslieville in the very near future — the old Leonidas chocolate store (gone, alas) is his new venue. He’ll be selling bread items (pain au chocolat, croissants, bread) and prepared food items (boeuf bourguignon, lobster bisque, for example). He expects to be open in about a month — I’ll hit the store when it’s open and post about it!

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