Really busy week!

Wow, what a week (and a half!) I look at my calendar, and I haven’t had a free day since the 13th.

Politics has been on the schedule a lot this month: city politics have heated up, and there’s a provincial election coming on Thursday, October 6th.

City politicking has involved a few Sunday afternoon meetings to find out about what is on the plate for the fall in terms of budgeting, and then there was a silly little burp about overthrowing the Waterfront corporation and putting up a big shopping mall… well, more than a silly little burp. Quite important. Fortunately, it’s off the table.

City cuts are still on the table, however, and so there was a protest scheduled for Monday, after work at 5:30, for people to come out and add their voice in opposition  to the KPMG proposals (since beloved mayor insists everyone loves his cuts and agrees with him).

I shot almost 400 pictures and have uploaded 66 of them. One of my favorites is of these two boys:


You can see the full set of pictures here.

Tuesday night, I participated in the flash mob picnic of everyone dressed in white dinner clothes. It was a lot of fun — I’ll have to convince friends to come next year, and then we can do a group picnic, and share in each others’ foods.

It was held in the Distillery District, along the cobblestone road down the middle. Charming to arrive, meet people, sit and unwrap the picnic, chat, mingle, take photos and light sparklers 🙂 A great time was had by all.

Here’s what it looked like as we arrived:

The set-up

The full set of images can be viewed as a slide show here.

Last night, I held a meeting to start a networking group of Leslieville small businesses. Sorry, no pictures of it!

Tomorrow, I’m off to do more sign work for my MPP’s election campaign.


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