Eating delicious food

I love Italian food, and so I eat it when I can.

This past week, I attended another of Massimo Bruno’s Supper Club dinners: this one was themed “Vacanze Romane.”

It was delicious! One thing that stands out for me is the use of herbs and spices in the various plates. After the focaccia, here were four initial plates (two of cod, one stuffed zucchini, one of porchetta and borlotti beans), followed by veal and broccoli alla pomodoro, and then some amazing choux-pastries, deep fried and stuffed with a creamy ricotta filling (bignes). Each dish was herbed and spiced to bring out the ingredients on the plate, and each dish tasted unique in the service. That’s how you avoid taste fatigue!

All the food is served country style, so if you don’t have enough to eat (hah! like that could ever happen) you’ve only yourself to blame.

Here is one picture. The rest are over on my Flickr site. Click here to see all the food from Thursday.

Baccala Al Sugo


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