Urban — ex-urban? Nature? Artificial?

I know a lot of people (and more every year) are opposed to zoos: they disagree with animals being kept in an artificial environment, in unnatural circumstances.

The animal may be safer, but is it happier? Is it living out the nature of its being?

 These are questions I’m not going to try to answer.

I like to see animals: Toronto zoo is endeavoring to give them the best environment possible.

I was there on Thursday. I didn’t realize it closed at 4:30pm, and only left here at 11:30am: it takes almost 2 hours to get there from here by TTC (there must be a faster way!).

Still, I had 3 hours to walk around (I have some problems with the signage at the zoo: I think it needs work, and may have deteriorated over time with budget cuts from first Metro Toronto and then the amalgamated Toronto).

I took my new camera, my Canon 5D MkII, and I was really impressed. From 25 feet away with my 400mm lens, I’ve captured each separate bristle on  the red river hogs.

Red river hog profile portrait

Most of the animals are prettier 😀

Go have a look: let me know what you think in the comments section, either here or on Flickr.


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