Stop 3: more cheese, please!

Black River Cheese

Our third stop was Black River Cheese, a venerable establishment down in the county. It being a rainy day, people were inside, milling about and exploring. And tasting. The cheddar on the left is 6 years old.

Black River Cheese Company

I’ve had their cheddar for years. Sandy used to bring some back to university, and when we were sharing an apartment, a late night of studying would be accompanied by some extra old cheddar, hot banana (or Bick’s Mixed) pickles, and long green onions. And espresso. I don’t know how we did it without developing indigestion, but it went over well at 1am.

Eating their cheese curds while driving around is fun the whole family can enjoy. Curds fresh enough to squeek.

Cheddar cheese curds

They also sell local fare like these delicious tarts from Burt’s Bakery.

Pastry delights

And this chocolate sounds like a great idea  — and it’s local! The plant is located in Belleville.

Chocolate for wine

And more local soaps, from a different maker than the ones at County Cider.

Small batch soaps

 Their factory burned down at the turn of this century, and there were concerns for a while that the company might not survive. They did and they continue to thrive. Their website provides good historical information about the area and its cheese-making history.

I bought a nice block of 5-year-old white cheddar. When the weather cools down, I think I’m going to make a roast-garlic cheddar soup.

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