Almost time for my mail-order roses

Back at the end of January, I was yearning for spring, knowing there were still months of winter ahead.

I went online to Pickering Nurseries, and browsed through the hundreds of different types of roses they have.

I wanted one to replace Scentimental, which died when it got too shady in the back garden.

They didn’t have a Scentimental, but they do stock George Burns, which looks a lot like it, white with red streaks (or sometimes red with white streaks).

I’m a big fan of old-rose smell, so I hunted through the David Austin-bred roses in search of some with big perfume. I found two: St. Cecilia, and The Pilgrim. I asked for them to be delivered around April 15th, so we’ll see when they arrive, and what bare-root roses look like when they’re shipped.

I look forward to showing you pictures of their blooms this summer!

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