Friday’s fish day!

No, I’m not following Roman Catholic rules for “meatless” Fridays that led countless millions of people to eat fish on Fridays. It’s just convenient to remember to go to Hooked on Friday!

I went today, (as soon as I walked in, the fresh smell made me hungry, even though I’d just eaten lunch) and surveyed their fish board:

Hooked again! Listed.

Then I looked at what the food looked like in the cases.

First up: different types of salmon, sable fish, halibut, and sturgeon. Hmm. Sturgeon. Interesting. I’m going to have to look up info on that one before I buy it: what do I do with it, etc.

Hooked again! Fresh.

Mmmm. Mussels, clams, and oysters. Most memorable clams I’ve had since I was 9 out on the Barachois in Newfoundland were in Rome this past fall. That’s a possibility.

Hooked again! Mussels, clams.

Love the way they showcased a half-dozen oysters.

Hooked again! Oysters.

Lots of goodies here. Some cooked lobster tails and lobsters, crab meat,  more gorgeous trout from the same farm as I got the rainbow trout from last week…

Hooked again! Fresh & smoked, lobster, too.

Mmm. More gorgeous fish. Wild char. Some white fish, pickerel, trout.

Hooked again! Caviar, etc.

I can’t believe it! I didn’t take a picture of the enormous scallops! Oh well.

I finally decided to get a pound of manilla clams, 3 whopping big scallops again, and a cooked-and-ready-to-eat lobster tail, just sitting there, crying to be munched. Haven’t yet decided which to eat tonight!


Went with the clams. In some olive oil and butter, sautéed 2 cloves of garlic, 1/2 an onion, 1 stalk celery. When translucent, added about 10oz of Sauvignon Blanc. Bring to a boil, add a good fistful of fresh parsley, chopped. Add the clams. Cover, shake to get as even a level on them as possible. I gave them 4 minutes (I had 1 lb.).

Serve. Take excess sauce and boil it to half the volume, and sop that up with day old baguette. Oh yes.

Manilla Clams

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  1. We’re hungry, so we are going to Malagash to a church brunch. Pancakes , sausages beans and maple syrup. Not quite the marine lovelies in the pictures but it will do for this morning. Have a good day and try to top the clams with the lobster tail. Ma & Pa

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