Ethical seafood in Leslieville

We’ve got a new fishmonger in Leslieville.¬†Hooked¬†opened on Friday.

Betty and I went in on Friday afternoon, and I bought some diver scallops and a rainbow trout.

Diver scallops are harvested by a snorkelling or tank-bearing diver going down to the seabed and finding the scallops and grabbing them before they escape. It causes very little damage to the environment, unlike dragging for them, which tears up the sea floor. The rainbow trout at the store are farmed, but they’re not fed the usual farmed-fish type of pellets composed of things fish wouldn’t normally eat. They’re fed minnows. They’re raised in an area that gets its water by diverting it from a stream, and allowing the natural flow through the farm and back to the streambed. The fish are not fed antibiotics, either.

Last night, I put a little olive oil and a little butter in my little cast iron pan, and cooked up the scallops (only turn them once when they release from the pan in order to get them nicely browned). I served them on top of a salad. The scallops were probably among the best I’ve ever had. They tasted fresh, and sweet, and had a little bit of that background flavour like lobster body meat or conch that to me signals fresh seafood. Contrasting with their sweetness was the slightly bitter mache, the sour tangy blue cheese yogourt dressing, and the saltiness of the pepitas. Very tasty!

Hooked on Hooked

Today for lunch I had the trout. A little olive oil in my 8″ cast iron pan, almost a medium heat, and a lid on the pan for part of the cooking time (because I didn’t want to flip the fish: just let it fry on its skin side. I ended up sharing a little bit of the fish with Pepper, one of my cats, who never likes what I eat, but has decided that he loves rainbow trout. I’ve saved some of the skin for him and Nutmeg for later. Again, very fresh and tasty! I’m Hooked.

Hooked on Hooked


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