Canadian martini

I’ve had many martinis.

Pure ones,


fancy-schmancy ones that had nothing to do, really with the original concept.

Tonight I had one that was based on the original, but with a change. And in my mind, the switch of the third ingredient from olives turns this into a truly Canadian martini.

Here’s the recipe:

  • ¬†whisper of vermouth
  • 1.75 oz of gin — I used Tanqueray, your choice may vary: wouldn’t recommend something like Hendricks, which should be enjoyed solus.
  • 3 spruce buds: mine were from Forbes, who preserves them and sells them in Ontario.
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3 thoughts on “Canadian martini

  1. I can see an Interesting Drinks night coming up. Both with the spruce buds, and some green peppercorns that are getting thoroughly soused in some brandy (might use the brandy, might use the peppercorns). The restaurant was the Riverside Cafe: Signe Langford was chef, with all those great mussel preparations.

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