Real food. Real art.

Sandy and I went to the One of a Kind show today in Toronto. I haven’t been in, probably, 15 years or more. Probably more.

Sandy and I went in daytime (I hate crowds, and I don’t think Sandy’s enamoured of them, either). We went through the whole show: even watched the fashion show (and really liked some of the clothing, hats, and accessories).

There was one booth I can’t get out of my mind.

I like my food still life prints on canvas. I think they’re special, and that a lot of people would like to own one.

I saw some botanicals today that were really beautiful. They weren’t botanical watercolors, prints, or scans. They’re slices of fruit and vegetables, carefully dried, colours preserved or enhanced to their fresh-picked status, and then beautifully displayed in shadow boxes.


The artist is Diane de Roo and she’s in booth Y3.

Buy her work! Her photos of her work are really good, but the original art is even better.

And hey — it’s vegetarian friendly!

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