Wednesday night dinner, Anghiari

After coming back from the Ravagni tour and food, and a before-dinner drink at the café atop the old city wall, it was time to prepare dinner. One last look at the valley before walking around the corner to our apartment.

End of day over the Tiber valley

We scored a beautiful pork loin roast at one of the local butcher’s in the morning, we had ingredients for a risotto, and some tiny fishies… it was time to begin.

The first thing into the oven was some apples that Francesco had picked from one of the apple trees in his orchard for us. Betty decided they would make a great apple sauce to go with the roast pork loin, and popped them into the oven to roast. Fortunately, she improvised a lid to the roasting pan, because when she took them out of the oven, they had pretty much exploded and split their skins! Wow, not much mashing required!

Exploded apples

I cleaned the fishies.


The larger ones to the right of the paper are the anchovies. Just regular sized anchovies, like the little fillets we get in tins or in jars with oil. That gives you an idea of their size. So you can see how little the other fish are! I cleaned the anchovies, and chopped the heads off the little ones (the gut came out with the head most of the time). Into a frying pan with some olive oil and chili flakes, then out onto a plate for group munching with a glass of wine. We mostly ate around the spine of the anchovies, and I think we ate the little ones whole.

Next, Sandy got the pork roast ready for the oven, and Betty prepared the risotto.

Pork roast was laid on top of chopped long onions, and simply seasoned with some rosemary from the windowbox:

Finishing touch

Apple sauce done, roast ready to go into the oven.

Food prep

Also part of this meal was a pan full of cipolline onions, slowly carmelized in the oven, drizzled with Balsamic vinegar. We got the idea from one of the stores in Arezzo that we had visited to get some antipasto.

Carmelised cipollini

Sandy served the pork roast sliced on top of a bed of apple sauce.

Pork roast

And we had Betty’s risotto with porcini mushrooms.


I think Betty made the salad, too!



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