Tuesday a.m., Anghiari market

After breakfast, espresso (for Betty and I) and tea (for Sandy), we headed down the hill to the Piazza Baldaccio Bruni for the local market. The Anghiari market wasn’t as large as the one in Sansepulcro, but I think it might have had almost as many food vendors!

Sandy and Betty, Anghiari farmers market

There was a wonderful mix of fresh vegetables, fruit, meats, cheeses, fish! Sorry, I confess I didn’t pay much attention to the other vendors of cloth, kitchen gadgets, clothing, shoes, etc.

These ingredients made me want to play with food. Spicy cherry peppers, zucchini, eggplant and fennel: I bet I could make something with those!

Cherry peppers, fennel, zucchini, eggplant

The fennel looked great, and smelled fresh.


The next seller had lots of different types of fruit: several apple varieties, pears, oranges, even kiwi fruit.

More pears

These pears intrigued me: their look is longer than the ones I’m used to seeing.


As in Sansepulcro, you could buy plants for your own backyard vegetable garden. Cool weather crops — must be expecting some significant time before frost hits! This was the last full week of September.

Herbs and fall plantlings

They had some of what I consider the most attractive looking tomatoes: “Borgo,” they called them. I think I saw some of these at one of the local farmers’ markets this summer.

Borgo tomatoes

The melons have a level of sweetness and juiciness that doesn’t compare with melons grown to be transported 3000km!


I saw some fresh anchovies for sale! Had to get those for an appetizer for dinner for us. (I had run across the word “alici” a few days earlier, so I knew what they were).

Fresh anchoviesa

I also saw these ones. They’re really small, about 2cm and a bit in length. The price was about 4 times the price for the anchovies — not sure what they were, but had to try them!

Tiny tiny fish

If only there was enough time to try all the different types of pecorino cheeses!

Pecorino cheeses

And sausages!


I took even more pictures at the market. To see them all, go to my Flickr page.

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