A quick look at the Sansepulcro market

As you may have read, we bought food at the Sansepulcro market on Tuesday morning, while we were staying in Anghiari. I seem to have been a bit timid in photographing vendors and their produce, so I don’t have as many photos of this market as I do of the others.

Nonetheless, here they are.It was late in the morning, so the light is very contrasty. All of the market stalls were on one long narrow street. The farmers and vendors must have the setup down to a science for who gets there when, and who sets up first, and how they’re organizing their stalls. Most of the food stalls were all at one end of the market, although the occasional one was dotted here and there in the rest of it.


The next vendor was fruit, fruit, fruit, of all kinds, very fresh.


I found the wares of the fellow selling meat and cheese very tantalizing.


Next to the anchovies, which are to the right of the cheeses, you’ll see a huge pile of sliced dried porcini mushrooms. This was a great time to be in Italy for mushrooms: we had some early season white truffles at a couple of restaurant, and fresh porcini were everywhere.

The next vendor had some of the most rainbow-colored tomatoes I’ve seen. Oops. On second look, they’re cherry peppers.


The markets in Italian villages aren’t just food markets: they’re markets with all kind of things that one might want, and not have a local store that provides. Clothing stalls with men’s, women’s, or children’s clothing; electronics (Sandy got an iPod car-plug-in recharger); kitchen gadgets, dinnerware, linens; seedlings; shoes!


I thought I took a picture of the young plants that were being sold at the market, but I don’t see it here in my downloads. The season is long enough in Tuscany that seedlings of cruciferous vegetables, lettuce, and onion sets were being sold for people to plant in their back vegetable gardens, so there must be time for another harvest of cool weather crops.The market started to peter out at one point where two roads intersected. There were a few vendors on the side arms of the second road, and it was spacious enough that I could stand back and take a picture of the vendors.


After getting our purchases, it was time to drive again across the plain where the Battle of Anghiari was fought in the 1400s.


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