Tuesday dinner after shopping at a market

Tuesday morning we hit the market down the road in Sansepulcro. It’s the long, straight road, Corso Giacomo Matteotti then Via della Battaglia, that goes from the business district near the Baldaccio Piazza down the hillside and across to Sansepulcro. We didn’t know where in town the market would be held, but figured we’d find it.

Road To Sansepulcro

Sure enough, a couple of signs, a turn-around, a glimpse here and there down a street, and Sandy’s parking karma held, as she found a lot that was nearby with empty spaces. The market in Sansepulcro is linear. One long street, from one end to… wherever the vendors petered out.

So we shopped there, and decided that we should use up some of the tomato-based sauce left over from Monday night in Tuesday’s dish. So the tomatoes needed a bit of augmentation, and some other sauce ingredients were purchased. They had some lovely looking clams and mussels at one stall, so those were purchased, too. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten if the pasta noodles were purchased there or at one of the little supermarkets in town.

Dinner was a three-person preparation affair: Sandy prepped and laid out the antipasto; Betty made the sauce and pasta, and I dealt with the seafood.

The antipasto was delicious, comprised of some meats purchased the previous day in Arezzo, some olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and some exquisite cipoline onions that had been carmelized with slow cooking and then given some sharpness and bite with vinegar.


Simultaneously, Betty developed the pasta sauce for the night:

Sauce Augmentation

and I cleaned the shellfish, knocking on them with a spoon and listening for if they sounded alive. Most of the clams were fine; a fair number of the mussels had to get tossed.

Clams Mussels

Once the seafood was cleaned and the sauce had reached an appropriate thickness (needed to compensate for the fact that it would thin out a bit once the shellfish opened  and released some liquid into it), first the mussels and then the clams went into the sauce.

One quick stir, and the lid went on the pot until the shells opened.

Bivalves Cooking

The pasta water was boiling; we figured the fresh pasta and molluscs would require about the same amount of time to cook, so Betty added the noodles to the water. The egg yolks here are a very rich color (I made an omelette one day for the three of us for breakfast), and make for a very yellow pasta.

Fresh Egg Pasta

With pasta ready and bivalves opened (well, most of them), it was time to serve up bowls of pasta and allow each of us to add the amount of sauce and shellfish to our dishes as we wanted! Again, the meal was accompanied by Tuscan bread and wine from Ravagni.


Dinner Served

In photo: Betty (l) and Sandy (r).

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