Lunch time

Working at home means, frequently, making lunch at home (unless escaping for a spot to meet with others due to cabin fever!).

Today, while rummaging through the fridge, I found a few ingredients that should be eaten up before going bad. They included:

  • Oven-roasted side bacon from Witteveen’s at the St. Lawrence Market
  • Polenta
  • One white mushroom
  • Frozen spinach

First into the pan went the bacon, followed shortly by the polenta, and then the chopped mushroom. I microwaved the spinach on the plate.

Today's lunch

What was missing? I could have used a clove of garlic and a cipolinni onion in the frying pan, added just after the bacon and before the polenta. Maybe a few (rinsed) salt-cured capers, some chopped sun-dried tomato that had been preserved in oil, to bump up the color quotient, and add a little bit of bite.

I should have noted the name of the mushrooms when I purchased them at Phil’s Place at the St. Lawrence Market. They’re delicious: I’ve bought them there before. Big meaty mushrooms that do well in a frying pan, absorb the flavours of things they’re cooked with, but don’t have a very strong flavour of their own. Here’s a picture of two of them. The plate they’re sitting on is 6″x6″, so you can see that they’re a good size. If I recall, they were $9.99/lb.


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