Making a peach tart

Ā I documented the process šŸ™‚

There was prep work that had to be done before flinging the ingredients together.

First, I toasted the sliced almonds in a frying pan. It didn’t take long to toast them over a medium heat.

01 Toasted Almonds

I tossed them constantly.

Next, I had to prepare the fresh peaches. First, a pot of boiling water, and I blanched them by boiling them for almost a minute.


Next step was to peel them. They peeled really easily, thanks to the blanching. Peel came off in big strips.


Then came the challenge! These were supposed to be freestone peaches, so they should release easily from their pits. Would they?

I cut around a peach, grasped the two halves, and rotated. Yes! They easily separated, and the pit came out without any fuss. Then I chopped the peaches all up


Now it was time to make the pastry dough. I did some prep work by chopping the butter and putting it back in the fridge to cool, and by cooling some water in the freezer so it wouldn’t melt theĀ butter when I added it.

Following the instructions on theĀ pate brisĆ©eĀ page, I pulsed the dry ingredients together, then added the butter.

05_dough1A few more pulses, and then a few tablespoons of water, followed by a few more pulses, gives the following result.06_dough2Next, pat it together into a ball on a floured surface. Handle as little as possible.07_dough3Mix all the filling ingredients together.08_FillingRoll out the dough, put the ingredients in the middle, and pull the edges of the dough up over the ingredients.09_RawTartBake in the oven at 350F for 45 minutes to an hour. I regret to say that mine hadn’t browned after an hour, so I quickly put it under the broiler, but didn’t remove it fast enough: hence, it’s a little… umm… dark on top.10_BakedTart

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