Surprise gifts

So it seems that, now that I’m blogging, I occasionally get asked my opinion on things. I’ve been asked to write positive things, and do a link exchange (said no). I’ve been asked to taste things. To that, I said yes. But that I wouldn’t promise I’d blog about it, and I wouldn’t promise to say positive things about it. ┬áDespite those caveats, Lassonde Canada wanted to send me the different flavours of *ahem* Flav├╝r (wow, I’m glad I’m on a Mac and could find the umlaut).

I got home this afternoon, and a Purolator box was on my front porch. I opened the box to find another box, this one with pretty pictures and marketing speak about it being samples. I opened it, and took the bottles outside and photographed them.


I’ll tell you what they taste like as I work my way through the samples. Right now they’re in the fridge, cooling.

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