Sometimes, food just has to be cooked.

I bought and froze a cornish hen (little chicken) a while ago, and thawed it on the weekend to eat.

Didn’t get around to eating it. Must cook it, and can then choose to either (a) feed actress and stage manager this evening while we run lines or (b) freeze it once cooked.

I had some leftover fat and drippings from an organic chicken I roasted for an earlier rehearsal, so that went into the roasting pan along with half a lemon in the cavity, two anchovy strips on top, and all my leftover cherry tomatoes that needed to be cooked up (I halved them, and sprinkled them around the bird). Oh yes, and oregano over all.

Now it’s in the oven roasting. I’m cooking it at 300F, and may cook it to the point that I can pull it apart with a fork and then serve it and the tomatoes on top of some grilled polenta.

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