More stuff from Veseys!

I’ve got

and the following ferns:

  • Hay scented – can grow up to 24 or 36″ high, and will take any amount of light. They recommend putting it near a pathway so its fronds can be bruised and crushed, releasing the scent.
  • Ostrich hardy – 24-60″. Might be aggressive. Might be what I already have in the back yard!
  • Christmas – 24-36″ high, does well in full to partial shade.
  • Maidenhair – 12-24″, black stems, medium shade
  • Sensitive – 12-18″, sunshine or shade.
  • Lady — 24-36″, partial shade
  • Cinnamon – 24-36″, can go from wet, swampy to dry shade.
  • Toothed wood – 12-24″, really lacy, semi evergreen!
  • Leatherwood – 24-36″ semi evergreen, often used by florists, they say.
  • Royal fern – 36-48″ — this is a tall one! I will probably place it between some of the hostas to add some height.

Tonight I’ll use my indelible marker on popsicle sticks so I know what is planted where, and tomorrow I will plant and water. Have only had about a millimeter of water in the last week.

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