Tasty cheese

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I’m a sucker for a good cheese! I was looking for one last week, before having Oliver and Melissa over for dinner. I went to Chris’ Cheesemongers: actually, it was funny how I ended up there. I was next door, at the organic Golden Orchard, buying some zucchini and cucumbers, and told the cashier how much I love using my LCBO partitioned bag for shopping. One of the cheesemongers was right behind me, and promptly told me that if I liked that bag, I’d like the ones they sell at Chris’ Cheesemongers even better: longer straps, better compartments, larger size!

Nothing would do but I had to have one of those bags, so I went next door with him, and told him that, in addition to the bag, I wanted a mild cheese to serve at the start of dinner. We started with a pretty uninspired camembert (I think that was my suggestion) and by the third cheese, he had talked me into this, which I had a runny taste of.

Let it come to room temperature, and enjoy the delicate flavour. I served it with some rosemary and sesame flatbreads and some almonds.

It’s made of a combination of goat, sheep and cow milk. I’m eating the last of it as I write this. The taste of goat and sheep is there slightly, giving it more character than a straight cow’s milk cheese frequently has. It’s imported from Tuscany, $19.95.

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