Birdy weather!

Along with sunny days come migratory birds! My backyard is certainly attracting them.They like to have places to perch. In addition to the fence, they’ve got the sand cherry standard and the elderberry.They like to scratch the soil for insects. They’ve got a garden free of pesticides for that. They like to have baths and drinks of water. My water cascade definitely provides that! I had three species of warblers at the same time in it on the weekend: it looked like a bird convention (hmm… a parliament of fowls?).

Three species of warblers at water feature

I was very glad to have the long lens to take their pictures. I did have to raise the ISO to 800, which resulted in somewhat grainy images, due to the shade in my yard from surrounding trees and the speed at which these birds move. If they were slower seed eaters, I could have gotten by with an ISO of 200; as it was, 800 wasn’t enough to stop the motion of the black-throated blue warbler, who is rather blurry in my shots.Lots of pictures over in my Backyard Birds folder on Flickr.

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