A box from Veseys’ has arrived in the mail today.

It contains 10 hosta roots!

  • Medio variegata
  • Aureomarginata
  • Albomarginata
  • Hyacinthina
  • Sieboldiana Elegans

(oooh! Had to get out my Lee Valley credit card magnifier to read the labels)

So what does this mean?

I need to come up with an arrangement and decide which ones are going in which bed.

Most of them will go in the right-handed bed, and a few in the left. The triangle I’m going to leave for herbs.

What are their colors and sizes?

Medio variegata: medium green leaf with a white flame down the centre. Can get up to 36″ around, about 18″ high.

Aureomarginata: heart-shaped glossy medium green leaves with yellow edges. Height of 18-28″, spread 36-48″.

Albomarginata: how’s your Latin? This one’s got white edges on deep green leaves, and can eventually spread to 36″ or more (about 18″ high).

Hyacinthina: Loosely grouped, heavily quilted non-lustrous bluish-green leaves. Really textural. It can grow up to 24″ tall and about 36″ in diameter.

Sieboldiana Elegans: Now this one can get big! up to 30″ tall and 48″ in diameter. Large, heart shaped thick bluish-grey leaves, heavily quilted. Slow grower. (Thank goodness. I’d hate to have to divide that every couple of years!)

I need to remove my daffodils and put down a good layer of compost, and scratch that into the soil a little. They recommend Sieboldiana Elegans as a background plant, so I’ll probably put one by the back of the water thingie, and the other near the north fence, about 4 feet from the elderberry — its chartreuse leaves should set off the blue-grey nicely.

In the north bed, I want to put two albomarginatas and one aureomarginata near the Sieboldiana, and one aureomarginata next to the one by the water thingie. I’ll combine the Medio variegata with one Hyacinthina where the scentimental rose is (dead looking), and that leaves me one Hyacinthina to put somewhere, which I’ll figure out once I get the others in the ground. I have to leave room for ferns, astilbe and bleeding hearts!

Ooooh, I’m really going to have to watch out for slugs now. I think it was Martin Galloway who called hostas a salad for slugs!

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