Shade plants ordered!

Just went on Veseys‘ website and placed an order for

  • 10 hostas
  • 10 astilbes
  • 2 bleeding hearts
  • 10 ferns

for my shady backyard.I’m also buying 3 blue sea holly for the front garden: the blue will be a nice cool contrast to all the warm colors of the roses. I thought of buying some foxgloves, too, but I think I prefer the foxgloves at East End Garden Centre, so I’ve got to hop on my bike and make a trip over there.I’ve reconciled myself to pulling up the daffodils in the back yard: I’ve got lots of greenery, but only 4 flowers this year, and because there are so many of them, it’s difficult to (a) plant around them (b) get rid of the goutweed that has spread among them.

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