Cold & hungry

Fixed up the water thingie in the back yard again so it’s flowing freely (catkins from the male cottonwood tree just to the south had blocked the water intake). Sat outside quietly for about an hour and a half to take pictures of migratory birds. (They’ve been uploaded and added to my Backyard Birds set at Flickr).

Came inside and wanted a grilled sandwich for a late breakfast.

Got out some cheddar that I bought from Montfort at the north Farmers’ Market at the St. Lawrence Market on Saturday. A hunk of side bacon, oven roasted, came from Witteveen’s in the south market, the baguette was from Future Bakery, and the dijon… well, I had that already in the fridge.

Assembled the sandwich, heated up the cast iron frying pan with a little olive oil and butter, and put it on at a medium-low heat, bacon side down.

Carefully turned it to be cheese side down, watched the cheese melt, removed to a plate.That was good. Now I’ll have a cup of chamomile tea while I go through the bird pictures.

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