Roasting a bird with Anchovies on it

I wish I could say that you heard it here first, but I read about it from a link from the J-Walk blog — it linked to an article on The Atlantic‘s website, which described putting anchovy strips on top of a turkey or goose (breast side up, please!) so that the bird would not just baste itself while cooking, it would season itself, too.

What a great idea! For Christmas, Mom is planning the standards, which include both a turkey and a ham. I want to try it. I know my parents would go for it. My sister would absolutely hate the idea, so I’m thinking of sneaking a tube of anchovy paste in my luggage. Maybe if I rub the breast with that, it will have the same effect without leaving the telltale markings of the fillets.

I’m also tempted to carry it a step further and take a tube of truffle paste and massage some of that into the bird, too, but Helen reaaally hates the smell of truffles.

I’ll save the truffles for those of us who like it — I’ll bring some cheese.

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