I will make that tart again, with adjustments

I made Sooah’s Facebook-posted tart (apple-nut-blue cheese) last night for the office Hallowe’en potluck today.

I will make it again in a week.

With a modification.

I used store-bought crust. I’ll make a proper pâte brisée next time.

And I won’t make the mistake I made this time.

I doubled the crusts, doubled the apples… and woke up this morning with the realization that I hadn’t doubled the maple syrup, thyme, nuts, or cheese.

I masked my error by putting some clotted cream on top of the tarts (it was a good fix). The tart was still savory, but not as packed with nutty goodness and blue cheese contrast to Granny Smith apples. I think the amount of thyme was just about right, though, and could have been a bit much had it been doubled. The pecans worked as well as walnuts, to my taste, without the walnut bitterness.

I’ll get it right next Saturday night, and serve it with something like a Taylor-Fladgate port for a savory dessert.

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