Planning stage: cassoulet

OK, the last one was horrible, terrible, bland, overcooked, and unsalvageable.

I have now invited friends over for cassoulet in early November, and I’m not going to try to be a purist this time, and especially won’t follow any British recipes for it (unless Heston Blumenthal has written one — if so, let me know).

I have an absolutely beautiful piece of pork belly that I bought at the north St. Lawrence Market a couple of months ago and froze. I’m thinking of smoking it myself. Can’t decide whether to do it outside on my barbecue or to try one of those fancy-schmantsy smoking bags one can supposedly use in the oven. I think I’ll probably go for outdoors. Need a new propane tank. Can use some lovely mesquite chips in the iron smoker box.

Another item to solve is the whole sausage thing. I think that our North American tastes tend toward more spices and flavours, so I may investigate the sausages at the south St. Lawrence Market: I know they offer a number of venison sausages, and one of those might be perfect. I’ll talk to the people who work there. I’ve learned a lot from the Market people over the years — unlike at the supermarket, they know their product, know the best way to cook or serve it, and care about customer service.

There should also be a poultry ingredient in cassoulet, and I’ve got that taken care of already: two breasts and other body meat from a goose I roasted for Thanksgiving.

So onward, in the cassoulet adventure: if you have any suggestions or recommendations, please let me know!

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  1. I love reading about what I'm going to be eating! For sausage you might want to check at the Fresh Market on Donlands just south of O'Connor. Mennonite (I think) all fresh made and wonderful.

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