That’s a lot of soup!

Tuesday evening I took the remaining goose leg and both wings, and used them to make a stock (I reserved the leg meat for the soup). I enriched it with the leftover gravy. Once I had the stock, I added all the vegetables I had roasted with the goose, plus a bunch of carrots that I roasted with a lashing of olive oil and carmelized while I was making the stock. When the veggies were squishable with my tongs, I added a butternut squash that I had cooked on the weekend with the express purpose of adding it to the soup (thanks, Mom, for the recommendation to use the microwave oven).

Cooked until everything was soft, and took my trusty KitchenAide stick blender to it. By that time, it was too late at night to parcel it into individual meals, so it sat in the fridge until tonight. I also needed to buy more containers for freezing, which I purchased and washed on Wednesday.

Tonight I ladled the soup out into the individual serving-sized containers. I have a baker’s dozen of soup for lunches and/or dinners. That should, in conjunction with the other frozen meals and soups I have in the freezer, last through until January (I figure I’ll eat it once a week).

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